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Plano Photographer


I’m Stephanie, your photographer! Thanks so much for stopping by. Photography makes my world go ‘round & there are few things I love more than documenting real moments & genuine, human connection. My style is best described as organic, romantic, & moody. I can handle any lighting situation, but natural light is my jam! 

As you can tell, I love my job. It’s been so rewarding, almost as much as raising my 3 insanely adorable, rambunctious kids. They definitely keep me on toes and make life that much sweeter.  

When I’m not capturing life moments, you can find me on a patio somewhere sipping a mimosa. If I wasn’t a photographer, I would totally be a professional mimosa sampler. That’s a thing, right? 

Enough about me! I can’t wait to meet you and the one you love most!

xoxo, Steph

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